January 2023 issue contents

R.Yuvaraj,  Dr.A.Kavitha


Due to the current scenario in the world. Many customers started understanding the importance of green marketing products. Many customers started switching to the eco-friendly products. Many manufactures started switching themselves to the green marketing products to attract the new customers and to retain in the business for the long run. Many researches are carried out for identifying the importance of green marketing in globe. In India only few researches are done for identifying the importance of green marketing. This research paper focused on the customer preference towards green marketing in Chennai. Due to the pandemic and many health problems many customers in Chennai started moving towards green marketing products. The study was conducted among 100 respondents in Chennai. The study also finds that the lesser marketing campaign and advertisement is there for the green marketing products. Many customers are aware of green marketing products. The demand for the green marketing products is more compared to the supply because of less manufactures and retailers. The research data is collected using structured questionnaire. The statistical analysis is done through SPSS. The reliability analysis, chi square, correlation, ANOVA techniques were used to find out the results.

Keywords: green marketing, , eco -friendly products, manufacturers, customers ,switching.