August 2023 issue contents

Mouhamad Kawas, Bassel Alkhatib


In the realm of cutting-edge applications such as smart cities, intelligent residences, educational advancements, healthcare innovations, streamlined transportation, and intricate defines operations, the Internet of Things (IoT) stands as an indispensable cornerstone. IoT applications, especially in the domain of healthcare, assume paramount significance as they facilitate secure and real-time remote patient monitoring, thereby elevating the overall quality of human existence. This comprehensive exposition embarks on a journey through the most recent trends in healthcare monitoring systems, all while meticulously integrating the pivotal role played by the IoT. Within these pages, we delve deep into the manifold advantages that IoT-based healthcare systems bestow upon society, exploring their inherent value and the transformative benefits they bring to the realm of healthcare. Our efforts encompass a methodical analysis of recent studies revolving around IoT-based healthcare monitoring systems, meticulously curated through an extensive review of pertinent literature. This discerning review goes on to scrutinize the comparative effectiveness, efficiency, data fortification, privacy paradigms, security protocols, and the vigilance quotient of diverse healthcare monitoring systems. The narrative further takes us on an expedition into the realm of wireless and wearable sensor-based IoT monitoring systems, underpinning a meticulous classification of sensors dedicated to the domain of healthcare monitoring. In our pursuit of comprehensive insight, we embark on an intricate exploration, disentangling the multifaceted challenges and unresolved issues that surround the intricate landscape of healthcare security, data privacy, and the quest for superior Quality of Service (QoS). As the chronicle draws to a close, it bequeaths a treasure trove of insights, replete with astute suggestions and recommendations for the augmentation of IoT-driven healthcare applications. These sagacious directives serve as a compass for navigating the future landscape of this dynamic field, aligning with the contours of evolving technology trends.

Keywords:Internet of Things (IoT), Innovative applications, Smart cities, Smart homes, Healthcare advancements.