October 2023 issue contents

Assistant Teacher. Tahreer Ameen Jasim, Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Sayid Al-Darraji


The sixth preparatory grade is considered as a decisive stage in the life of all students, through which the long path towards their sought future is crossed, and the decisiveness of this grade is manifested by its final exams known as (Baccalaureate Exams). Students struggle with the perceived danger of these exams in the form of self-judgments around the severity of its consequences, and since sixth preparatory grade students live in a world with emerging changes, they perceive these stressors cognitively and transform them into preservative cognitions. Which casts a shadow over the academic performance, the aim of the current research is to identify the risk perception among sixth preparatory grade students, the statistical significance in risk perception and perseverative cognition according to the gender variable (male, female) and the correlation between these two variables. The researchers prepared a risk perception scale based on) So, 2013:72-83), and the scale included (40) items, and (Szkodny & Newman, 2019) scale for perseverative cognition , consisting of (45) items, and after verifying its compatibility, and suitability for the Iraqi environment, it reached The final sample size of (400) male and female students who are present in preparatory and secondary schools in Baghdad Governorate, of both genders , by (209) for females (191) for males, and the percentage of representation of males is 48%, while the percentage of representation of females is 52%, which is a good percentage of the primary research sample size that has reached (400), and the researchers relied in the current research on the descriptive correlational approach.

Keywords:Risk perception, perseverative cognition, Sixth grade preparatory students.