March 2023 issue contents
THE USE OF NNIS TO DEVELOP MENTAL ABILITIES A Case Study of Learning Leaders at Al-Mustansiriyah University

Asst Pro. Dr. Fouad Yousif Abdul-Rahman , Asst Pro. Dr. Sumaya Abbas Majeed , Asst Pro. Dr. Sahar Ahmed Kurji


The study relies on proposing the idea that the use of a neural network information system as one of the types of artificial intelligence has an important role in preparing new models of thinking that support the functions of the human mind and develop its mental skills and abilities. Where many leaders suffer from time management to solve many of the problems that afflict their organizations, which requires the use of electronic digitization and the degree of fear of its use. Where he expressed the problem with a set of questions about the possibility of synchronization between them. The two researchers used the case study and the checklist to explain the philosophical and scientific connection between them, using a sample of "deans, assistants, and heads of scientific departments" from Al-Mustansiriya University as a sample of (100) individuals. The researchers used measures of central tendency and the descriptive analytical method to address the quantitative side. And they reached the most important conclusion: "There is an intellectual awareness among the research sample of the importance of NNIS as a model of thinking that helps and supports the functions of the mind of the individual."

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