October 2023 issue contents

Dhriti Prava Deka,MA,NET,SLET1, Ponkhi Goswami,MA,SLET2


Gender equality refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities between genders. taking into consideration the different interests, needs and priorities and recognizing the diversity of different groups of women and men. The study was carried with an objective to promote gender equality among the students, A population of 30 students was involved in the study, out of which 10 were selected as samples for interventions . A comparison of data obtained through questionnaire and interview of the students shows that the research was a success as after interventions , positive results has been achieved. Gender equality is very important to prevents violence against women , boys and girls .Hence the study was needed to remove gender inequality among the students by giving necessary interventions . This paper aims to find out the cause of gender inequality and to enable the students to develop gender equal attitude. Researcher used a questionnaire for data collection from 30 students.

Keywords:Gender equality, inequality, students etc.