October 2023 issue contents

Naznin Sultana, Adil Sheikh


What happens when security considers only half of the population? Simply it cannot function in a holistic manner. It applies to societies as well. They work better when women actively participate in their development as well as in other aspects of society. This agenda is called women, peace and security. The concept is such everyone succeeds when women participate in decision-making at all levels, as legislators, as leaders, as peacemakers, and as equal social and economic partners. The agenda has an effect on women, but it also has an effect on global security. It demands that women participate fully and equally in decision-making processes as well as initiatives aimed at averting conflict and promoting peace. Women, peace, and security demonstrate how diversity in decision-making encourages a fresh perspective and increases global security. This inclusiveness of women in the context of peace and security will be analysed in this paper. In addition, the paper's objective is to explore the ways used by the WPS to promote greater female participation. Its dedication to pursuing more just, peaceful, and workable solutions in all spheres of society will also be examined through the lens of the United Nations Women report. In addition, this paper examines the WPS as it is being applied nationally, with the goal of localising or regionalizing it to support grassroots initiatives.

Keywords:WPS, Resolution 1325, Human Rights, National Action Plans