March 2024 issue contents

Dr G Divakara Reddy, Dr Harleen Kaur, Dr Rajesh vemula, Rajesh Dorbala, Dr P B Narendra Kiran, Ms. Ranjeeta Amminabhavi


The recently developing corpus of study on IT and organizational learning. After discussing issues of significance and appraisal, we separate and review two categories of inquiry: studies that address how information technology is planned to support organizational learning, and studies that apply organizational learning concepts to the most common way that information technology is implemented and involved in associations. By creating a model in light of dynamic capacities, this research examines the implications of an organizational learning culture for organizational agility. The model perspectives agility as a unique capacity and makes sense of how organizational learning culture (OLC) impacts organizational agility (OA), which thus prompts association improvement. This sets off a progression of occasions that are eventually made sense of by the model. This report likewise examines the job that gigantic information abilities play in changing learning results into dynamic limits. Information from an appraisal of 150 Bengaluru associations is utilized to test the idea. The basic condition introducing utilizing mostly least squares is taken on to unequivocally represent how agility absolutely abrogates the effect of the learning culture on improvement. Moreover, this work reveals further insight into the job that tremendous information limits play in directing the impacts of OLC on OA. The report finishes up with ideas for additional exploration in the wake of framing the discoveries concerning hypothesis and practice.

Keywords:Interplay, Technology, Organizational Learning, Organisational Learning Culture, Organisational Agility, Information technology