June 2018 issue contents

Cover and contents


Opening Remarks
  by Jiří Rusnok

Fiscal Consolidation in a Low-Inflation Environment: Pay Cuts versus Lost Jobs
   by Guilherme Bandeira, Evi Pappa, Rana Sajedi, and Eugenia Vella
  by Antonella Trigari

Labor Tax Reforms, Cross-Country Coordination, and the Monetary Policy Stance in the Euro Area: A Structural Model-Based Approach
   by Pascal Jacquinot, Matija Lozej, and Massimiliano Pisani
  by Raf Wouters

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions and the Labor Market
   by Frank Smets

Tracking monetary-Fiscal Interactions across Time and Space
   by Michal Franta, Jan Libich, and Petr Stehlík
  by Troy Davig

Should the ECB Coordinate EMU Fiscal Policies?
   by Tatiana Kirsanova, Celsa Machado, and Ana Paula Ribeiro
   Online appendix
  by Paolo A. Pesenti

Sovereign Default and Monetary Policy Tradeoffs
   by Huixin Bi, Eric M. Leeper, and Campbell Leith
  by Ricardo Reis

Pitfalls of Coordination?
   by Sergey Slobodyan

Welfare Effects of Tax Policy in Open Economies: Stabilization and Cooperation
   by Jinill Kim and Sunghyun Kim
  by James M. Nason

Optimal Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy Interaction in Non-Ricardian Economy
   by Massimiliano Rigon and Francesco Zanetti
  by Johannes Wieland

Independent Central Banks and the Interplay between Monetary and Fiscal Policy
   by Athanasios Orphanides